We take pride in our company’s culture with the importance of building relationships with each and every one of our clients.  Below are a just a few of our clients’ kind sentiments…

“We chose Element Construction (formerly Cameron & Cameron) to build our home because in addition to their professionalism and high-quality craftsmanship, our vision aligned, and we believed we would have a true collaboration.  We felt that their size would allow them to give our project the attention it needed, and we had an almost instant rapport with the staff. We were impressed from the very beginning by their ability to listen as well as advise. The team worked seamlessly with our architects and kept us informed by communicating through phone calls, weekly reports and photos. This was essential to us because despite living across the country, we wanted the final product to be truly and uniquely ours. The team worked tirelessly to make that happen. Building our home with Element Construction was a wonderful experience and we now live gratefully in our beautiful dream home!”

~Paul & Kathy Kaleta


“Building a house from afar has its obstacles but thanks to the incredible professionalism, dedication, support and work ethic of the Element building team, we did not for a single minute ever regret our decision.  They were incredibly organized, stayed right on task, and really made the process as seamless as possible. As we have told others, we could not have asked for more and would build with them again in a heartbeat! Their dedication to making sure that every detail of our dream home was fulfilled is not something you see with every builder and we could not love our home more! I think one would be hard-pressed to find a better building team.”

~Tina Yaraghi, The Enchanted Home


“I have had a wonderful experience with Element Construction since our initial meeting. The work was completed efficiently and extremely competently. After completion they have been spot on with any questions or issues that arose. If I had the opportunity to build another house there is no doubt that I would use their expertise again.”

~ Dr. Warren Zelman, MD, FACS, FAAP


“We utilized Element Construction for a major renovation of our oceanfront home on HHI.  As this is our second home, we were managing this renovation long distance.  The team made the process so easy and treated our house like it was their own.  They were with us every step of the way, from design to construction to finish.  The renovations turned out better than we could ever have imagined and even though the renovations were completed more than a year ago, this company continues to check on the house to make sure that their work is holding up to their standards.  If we choose to build or renovate in the Low Country again, there is no doubt that we will go back to Element Construction.”

~ Dr. Kim Mehendale, MD